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Glo plans To Release a New Reward Promo Soon – check it out


Nigerians are protesting concerning Glo Network is a few location however one thing exclusive is coming back shortly from Glo New Reward Promo

am positive Glo is making ready one thing initiative let be careful coming back shortly.

We can’t tell what the promo are like but i feel since Airtel has become

the Second Largest within the Telecomm business that is why are they conjointly operating extremely laborious to provide one thing nice.

As for me, I see it as a promoting Strategy – Glo New Reward Promo Feelers from the corporate indicate that finishing touches are place to an enormous client promo designed to considerably empower

subscribers who have supported the telecommunication company with patronage.

The promo can produce thousands of Nigerian entrepreneurs by dispensing tools of the trade and

other instrumentality that may be helpful for establishing businesses.

Globacom has already commenced a teaser campaign to sensitize members of the general public for the arrival of the promo.

The campaign guarantees telecommunication users that their lives can ne’er be constant once collaborating within the promo.


According to Glo New Reward Promo (Globacom),

“The promo is designed to empower Nigerians to create wealth

and even become employers of labor rather than dishing out money to them.

The trade-establishment tools to be won

are such that will have a direct bearing on the people.

It promises to be the most exciting

people-focused empowerment promo we have activated.

Nigerians should not miss the promo for anything”,

This is coming after losing the second-largest telecom

subscriber’s base position to Airtel Nigeria.

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Eu Fines google $1.7 Billion for the third time

eu fines google antitrust

 on Wednesday 20th of march 2019 the  EU fines google antitrust violations in the online advertising market,  its efforts to rein in the world’s biggest technology companies.

The fine, was worth about $1.7 billion,  it is the third time European Union has fined  Google, reinforcing the region’s position as the world’s most aggressive watchdog of an industry with an increasingly powerful role in society and the global economy. The regulators said Google had violated antitrust rules by imposing unfair terms on companies that used its search bar on their websites in Europe.

Brussels also sanctioned Google’s  AdSense  advertising service, saying it illegally restricted client websites from displaying ads from ad service rivals.

Google and the EU have been at loggerheads about the monopoly of Google over internet search in Europe since 2009 and the AdSense case was the only complaint still open.

In July 2018, the US tech giant was ordered to pay a sum  of 4.34 billion euros for abusing the dominant position of Android, its smartphone operating system, to help assure the supremacy of its search engine.

Google has cemented its dominance in online search adverts and shielded itself from competitive pressure by imposing anticompetitive contractual restrictions on third-party websites,” Margrethe Vestager, Europe’s top antitrust watchdog, said in a statement. “This is illegal under E.U. antitrust rules.

Europe’s regulatory approach was once criticized as unfairly focusing on technology companies from the United States, but is now viewed as a potential global model as governments question the influence of Silicon Valley. Europe is at the forefront of a broad debate about the role of tech platforms like Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google, and whether their size and power hurt competition.

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Africa Richest man becomes the 64th most Richest person in the world


Africa’s Richest Man (Aliko Dangote) Makes a $16.6  and now the 64th most richest person in the world which his previous ranking was 103rd in the world.

Dangote, who remains the richest man in Africa for the 8th year , was the only Nigerian on the list of the top 500 billionaires, as released last week by Bloomberg in its yearly billionaires list.

The first position is retained by Jeff Bezos with an estimated net worth of N49,327,200,000,000 ($136 billion) while Bill Gates and Warren Buffett ranked second and third respectively with N35,689,680,000,000 ($98.4 billion) and N30,104,100,000,000 ($83 billion) on the list that is dominated by North Americans.

According to bloomberg the best way to appreciate the scale of Aliko Dangote’s empire is to hitch a ride on one of his private jets.

A half-hour after his Bombardier Challenger 605 takes off from Lagos Airport, it descends into a seemingly desolate area of Kogi State in central Nigeria, dusty fields and clusters of trees stretching to the horizon. Suddenly a tangle of exhaust stacks, silos, and kilns pierces the sky to the left of the aircraft as Dangote Cement Plc’s Obajana plant comes into view.

It’s already the biggest in Africa, churning out enough sacks of cement to fill 1,000 trucks a day. A fifth production line now under construction will make it one of the world’s largest

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