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How to subscribe for MTN 1000 FOR 4GB for 30days

One of the most unbelievable things has happened as MTN rolls out new amazing data plans for its users. In these new data plans, you can get30-Day 4GB datafor as lowas N1000. Read more related articles in#MTN

Other cheap packages in the plans are; 1GB weekly dataforN200and250MBfor onlyN100.

Honestly, I thought my eyes were playing games on me when I saw the advertisement. However, all my doubts were cleared as soon as, I dialed the code for the activation and found out that it is real.

In this article I will show you the code to activate yours. I have not actually tested any of the plans, but from the message displayed to me when I dialed the code, I can assume that it is real.

How to Activate MTN 4GB Monthly Data Plan for N1000

Here is how to activate or subscribe to theMTN 4GB 30-day planon your phone. Like I said earlier, I have not purchased or subscribe to any of the plans as a result I cannot tell which tariff plan it works on. However if you dial the code and it works for you, do well to give us feedback.

To activate the MTN 4GB 30-day plan, dial ∗131∗65# and follow other prompts.


The code used for the activation of1GB weekly dataforN2OOand25OMBfor N100 is also the same with that of the4GBonly that you have to scroll and select the plan you need when you dial the activation code (*131*65#).

I hope that this information was helpful to you. Note that this may not work on all tariff plans, hence check and see if the plan you are using is eligible for the offer. If it is not available on your sim, then maintain your normal way of subscription.


Recently MTN announced that their Data SME which used to be sold atN5500 per1GB will increase now beN7500per10GB. The prices of other higher SME plans were also increased.

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