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“Restructuring the way forward for Nigeria” – Atiku Abubakar

The former Vice President and presidential aspirant under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has said that restructuring of the country is the only way forward which will guarantee equity.

Abubakar said that the north which has been against restructuring has taken up the gullet to ensure that the country is restructured for the benefit of all and for the good of all.

Speaking in Umuahia when he visited the PDP Abia state chapter, to seek their support during the upcoming national convention of the party, Abubakar said that restructuring was the way to go to keep the country intact and on the path of progress.

Abubakar noted that the north has been doing all it can to ensure that restructuring takes place in the country which will go a long way to unify the diverse people and also stop the continuos agitation going on across the length and breadth of Nigeria.

He said, “The North has already announced that restructuring is acceptable to them.So it’s a question of what the northern leaders and southern leaders meeting together to agree on the issues”.

The former Vice President said that the problem of agitations in the country like the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) arose because of the lopsided nature of the federation which favors one section of the country against the others.

Abubakar said that one of the ways to stop the several agitations goings on across the country is to ensure the equal distribution of both political and social appointment so that every section of the country will be satisfied.

He explained that the agitations going on in the country such the IPOB and others like them arose because they are all children of disequilibrium in the political set of the country in recent time.

Abubakar said,“When you restructure this country and you give more resources to empower the component units of this country you will not have the problem of IPOB and their likes”.

“IPOB, Agenifere, Niger Delta groups and others like them are looking for self-determination and when you devolve more powers and resources the issue of self-determination will be a thing of the past”.

On the issue of security, the former VP said, “Security is one of the fundamental challenges of the country, I have been an advocate of either local or community policing to deal with local issues”.

“We have one single polices which is not good and also not working as I do not know of any country that practices a federation and have this kind of policing, a centralized, one single police, I don’t know”.

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Apple new iPhone XI leaked news, price and release date

IPhone 11

Apple has launched three new iPhones at identical time annually since 2017.

It’s rumoured to be bobbing up with identical issue this  with “Pro” iPhone models which will succeed the iPhone XS, XS GHB and XR.

Based on all the leaks, reports and rumors, the iPhone xi lineup guarantees a excess of recent choices. the foremost vital rumors target triple rear cameras for what’s being stated because the iPhone xi skilled and iPhone xi professional GHB. The regular iPhone xi have to be compelled to be a replacement for the iPhone XR; that phonephone is foreseen to urge two rear cameras.

The iPhone xi, iPhone xi GHB and iPhone XR a try of are announced around 6pm BST tomorrow at the US-based event.

Apple usually releases its new phones purchasable on the weekday once the launch event, which could be Friday September 20th.

The phones can reportedly have a triple camera system with a 3rd sensing element for ultra-wide angle photos and videos and a 3D rear-facing camera that ought to boost its increased reality capabilities.

Low-light picture taking ought to even be improved and therefore the cameras could have confidence computer science to correct photos and alter the right shot.

Video recording is additionally rumoured to be improved and should associate with new options, like the power to change colors and re-frame and crop a live recording.

Reverse wireless charging is additionally expected.


 Other infos and prices

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